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There are many stories of individuals who have been hurt or injured because of a bad product. When companies sell a harmful product, they are prizing profit above people. When you suffer from this type of injustice, there are legal options open to you.

If you have been hurt by a company’s product, or if a frivolous lawsuit is being raised against you, contact the Law Offices of Garton & Vogt, P.C. for representation from a Macomb County product liability attorney.

Understanding Product Liability

In Michigan, anyone who could foreseeably be injured by a product has grounds to bring a lawsuit. Numerous other circumstances also give you grounds to bring a lawsuit. If you have medical bills, have lost wages, or have experienced pain and suffering because someone failed to provide a safe product, then you deserve compensation.

The following are reasons a company may be liable for a product they have made:

  • Design defects: something intentional in the design makes the product unreasonably dangerous
  • Manufacturing defects: the product fails to comply with the specifications that it sets for itself
  • Marketing defects: this kind of negligence includes instances with improper labeling or insufficient instructions

Do not be intimidated by your opponents. Companies may try to bring in high-powered attorneys, but the truth will always win out. Alternatively, if someone has brought a frivolous suit against you, our top attorneys can demonstrate that you have been honest with respect to the design, manufacturing, and marketing of your products.

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For cases like these, you need to have experienced attorneys who can identify the weaknesses in the other side’s case. With over 60 years of combined experience in practice, nothing surprises our attorneys. We are relentless workers who excel in negotiation as well as communication before a jury. With the right team of personal injury attorneys on your side, anything can happen.

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