When an 18-wheeler crashes into a passenger vehicle at freeway speeds, the surviving driver and passengers in the car are left with severe and lifelong injuries. These accidents are usually tragic and devastating for everyone involved, including the truck driver.

It Is Difficult To Think About Contacting A Lawyer In The Midst Of Such Sadness, But It Is Essential

Trucking companies and their drivers sometimes engage in business practices that violate safety and occupational laws. The companies' policies endanger not only the public but also their own employees and drivers. Contact us immediately for advice.

Tight scheduling, inclement weather, and breakdowns require that drivers make up their lost time — usually by driving too long or too fast. Knowing that driving too far or too long is in violation of state and federal trucking laws, they continue to do so, often in impaired conditions. Drivers can fall asleep while driving or be unable to react quickly enough to avert dangerous driving situations. Other drivers might take stimulants or use illegal drugs to stay awake.

When such a tragic accident happens, several local, state and federal agencies might be involved in an investigation. When we become involved in a case, we will also conduct our own investigation to protect our client's rights and preserve any evidence needed for legal action against the trucking company or driver.

Our licensed investigators collect and preserve critical information such as:

  • Logbooks that document the truck driver's route and driving history

  • Whether cargo was properly loaded and secured or was overweight

  • Communication between the driver and the dispatcher

  • Skid marks, photos of the accident scene and the condition of the truck's safety systems

  • Important witness statements and video, toxicology and forensic investigation results

Most importantly though, an experienced attorney understands how to put all of these pieces of evidence together in a persuasive argument to a judge and jury. We must prove that the truck driver caused the accident that resulted in serious injury or death. Then, we need to prove that you are entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, wage losses, and any pain and suffering that automobile accident victims often endure.

Holding Truck Drivers Accountable For The Harm They Cause

At Garton & Vogt, P.C., our highly experienced lawyers help truck accident victims obtain fair and just compensation by holding negligent truck drivers accountable for the trucking accidents they cause.