Credit Card Fraud Attorneys in Macomb County

Credit card fraud is a form of identity theft and carries harsh consequences. The increase of credit card fraud over the last decade has not gone unnoticed by law enforcement officials and prosecutors. Their resources and tools are keeping pace with even the most high-tech and complex schemes used to steal credit card information over the Internet, through the mail, and at businesses.

If you are being investigated for credit card fraud, don't wait until you have been charged to speak with the experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyers of Garton & Vogt, P.C. Do not speak to police officers, security personnel or prosecutors without us at your side.

Your discussion with our attorneys will remain confidential. We can provide you with options during the investigation and during the process of prosecution. We will protect your rights and ensure that you receive fair treatment throughout the judicial process.

If you contact us soon enough, we may be able to prevent charges from even being filed, which can save your reputation from irreparable damage.

Proactive And Responsive Defense

Our attorneys are aggressive. We understand how easily evidence of criminal activity can lead law enforcement officers to people who are not guilty of credit card fraud or identity theft.

We have defended clients who have mistakenly committed fraud. In such circumstances, you should contact us before you even try to explain yourself or deny accusations. Anything you say can be used as evidence against you, and if you do not have an attorney present, you could easily incriminate yourself.

Fraud conviction could result in prison time and heavy fines. Our attorneys are talented negotiators and tactful litigators. When you need strong and reliable criminal defense, you need the law firm of Garton & Vogt, P.C.

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