Working Through a Divorce?

Get help from a divorce attorney in Clinton Township, MI

Divorce is always a difficult process. From dividing your assets to determining child custody, there are many issues to sort through. You need an attorney by your side during this difficult time.

For a divorce attorney in Clinton Township, MI, turn to Garton & Vogt, P.C. Our attorneys can assist with every step of a divorce, including determining parenting time and setting up parenting plans. We'll keep the best interests of your family in mind through this process and strive to bring things to a peaceable conclusion.

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How an attorney can help you

If you're going through a divorce, you need a qualified attorney in your corner. A divorce attorney can help you:

  • Work through mediation
  • Settle the details of child custody
  • Decide how to proceed with your divorce
A child custody attorney will help you throughout the child custody and support process. If you need a child custody attorney, email us today.